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Largest Recyclers of Catering Waste Oils and Fats in the North East of England
Supplier of High Quality, Long Life Vegetable and Rapeseed Oil

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Clark’s Oils is a family run business that was first established in 1960 and we are widely recognised as being the largest collector and recycler of UCO throughout the entire region of the North East of England and Scottish Border Counties.  We are committed to recycling UCO as part of our green conservation policy to work in collaboration with other companies in reducing greenhouse gas and carbon emissions.

Clark’s Oils have been the North East’s largest supplier to the renewable energies industry ever since the first trials began during the phase out period of used cooking oil being re-used in animal feeds.  Therefore all of our customers can be assured that they are contributing to reducing their own carbon footprint emissions by using our waste oil collection service, as all of our collected products are used to help lower the countries co2 emissions. In addition to offering a tailored collection service that specifically meets the requirements of our customers, we are also suppliers of only the highest quality 100% pure vegetable cooking oil to the catering trade. 

Here at Clark’s Oils we pride our self on our ability to continually meet the necessary stringent legislation requirements that currently monitor this particular industry.

We are fully licensed with the Environment Agency for the collection and handling of UCO and we always comply with current legislation, therefore all of our customers are assured that they are disposing of their UCO in a correct and legal manner.  In addition we were the only UCO collector in the North East of England to have been registered for Product Certification with the P.A.I (Product Authentication International), which was a specialist Government department and we consistently passed all HACCP requirements on a periodic basis. If all of this is not enough to show how seriously we take our work, we are also fully covered with Product and Public Liability Insurance, which in essence safeguards the customer from any possible repercussions caused by the mishandling of UCO.  

All catering establishments that use the services of UCO collectors, the UCO collectors need to be licensed, registered and insured, if any of the UCO were to be spilled outside their premises during collection and this spill subsequently resulted in an accident, then it is the catering establishment that is accountable as it is their oil.  

However with Clark’s Oils you can be guaranteed that this would not be the case as we not only offer the protection of being fully insured but we also meet every piece of legislation currently available within our industry, including both compulsory legislation and voluntary ‘best practice’ legislation.

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What We Provide

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* We offer a wide range of the best quality and longer life frying oil that suit all types of fryers, these are supplied and packaged in 20 litres and include: Vegetable & Rapeseed.

* Deliveries can be arranged to suit your needs. 

* Due to the fluctuating market price of new cooking oil we are unable to list prices so please call with the quantity and frequency you require for our most competitive quote.


* With being a family run business we can provide the best possible service, we can arrange to collect bi-weekly, weekly, fortnightly and monthly to suit your needs.
* We pay CASH on collection no matter of the quantity 
* We provide all containers to store your waste oil immediately and free of charge, we offer a wide range of sizes from 60litres to 1000litres to suit your needs. 
* Naturally all of our containers are thoroughly steam and pressure cleaned before being installed on our customers premises and they all come complete with sealed clamp lids to ensure maximum hygiene and protection from contamination and accidental spillage’s at all times.


A great efficient service that caters to all your oil needs, we can offer new oil in exchange for the old.
* If your needs require both new oil deliveries and old oil collections, this service is for you as we can offer discounts - please get in touch to hear more about this offer.

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Wether you have 20 litres or 10000 litres please get in touch and we can arrange quickly and efficiently to remove this from your premises with CASH on collection!


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